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So, darlings, we have a slight problem here at the Gunner Academy.

No, our problem isn’t that Meema’s father is dead. It isn’t that Luke’s parents are coming to town and he needs to act professional and hide Curt, and it isn’t that Mummy Shayan is at the Academy (though you must admit, that is pretty scary…)

Nope, our problem is that my computer died. How am I writing this, you may ask? I’m on my mother’s computer.

Obviously, this is a problem. Why? Of course, because all my darling G.A. angels are on the dead computer, as well as all my pictures and my games. My daddy is trying to save them for me and to fix my computer, but until then, I’ve downloaded the Sims base game to my brother’s computer. Obviously, I can’t move my stuff to that computer and continue with ADM, and I’m not allowed to use CC on my brother’s computer (his rule, my dad said I could though…)

Until my computer is sorted out and Meema&co. are rescued from inside, I’m working on another story elsewhere. If you’re interested in reading this story (the plot of which I think is actually much more fascinating than this plot…), the website is linked below, as well as the links to the chapters that have been published thus far.

I love you guys very much (if anyone is actually reading this), and please try to bear with me until my Simmies are saved!

Prologue –
Chapter 1 –
Chapter 2 –
Chapter 3 –


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