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Officer: Tell me again, are you certain that’s what you saw?

Jayson: Officer, how many times do I hav to tell you what I saw? Meema can back me up, too, she’s just inside.

Officer: No, no, I’d just like to hear your side first, with neither influence nor intervention from Miss Shayan.

Jayson: Actually, her name is Gunner. Meema Gunner.

Officer: Why is it written on the school records that she goes by Meema Shayan?

Jayson: It’s a long story.

Officer: I have time.

Jayson: Well, her dad is Principal Gunner, from our school –

Officer: The same one you’re claiming to have seen dead?

Jayson: If you don’t believe me, why don’t you go look in there yourself? I’ll show you where it is, if you want.

Officer: Don’t worry, there’s some officers already in there examining things. Just tell me the rest of your story.

Jayson: Fine. Principal Gunner wanted Meema’s experience here to be normal, so he asked her to go by her mother’s maiden name. That way, she wouldn’t get any special treatment or favouritism from the others here.

Officer: And how’s that working out for her?

Jayson: Wonderful, she’s already made an enemy of my girlfriend.

Officer: And why is that?

Jayson: Because my girlfriend is a rude, obnoxious, catty, self-centered, egoistic, cocky, arrogant, careless-

Officer: I get it, I get it.

Jayson: Okay.

Officer: So explain again what happened.

Jayson: UGH! Meema and I were at my girlfriend’s birthday party. Everyone was asleep-

Officer: It was a sleepover, correct?

Jayson: Considering how everyone was asleep, I think you may be right. Meema got up, I guess to go to the bathroom or something, and then she woke me up by screaming.

Officer: How far from you was she?

Jayson: The distance between the bed and the room where all the dead people are.

Officer: Approximately how far is that?

Jayson: Do you expect me to have measured? I was more interested in getting out of there.

Officer: Fair enough.

Jayson: So I went, and comforted Meema-

Officer: Are you and Meema fairly close?

Jayson: You could say that.

Meema: Hello there, officer.

Officer: Hello, miss Gunner.

Meema: Excuse me? I’m sorry, it’s Shayan. Meema Shayan.

Jayson: I explained the circumstances to her, I don’t think she’ll tell anyone. Don’t worry, Meema.

Meema: Oh…

Officer: Jayson, if you could leave for a while so that I may talk to miss Gunner alone?

Jayson: Whatever. Have fun with her, Meema.

Officer: So, Meema, tell me your side of the story.

Meema sighed in frustration, having already explained to the Officer what had happened, before Jayson had been called out for his explanation.

No sooner had she finished and gone inside than a familiar car pulled up. Sleek and black, shining in the sunlight, Jayson whistled slightly.

Jayson: Is that your mom’s car?

Mrs. Gunner: Meema?

Meema: Mum!

Meema jumped up from the couch and ran to hug her mother. She felt the stiffness and coldness of her mother’s arms, and she sighed to herself.

Mrs. Gunner: How are you doing, Meema?

Meema: Good, mum, I’m just fine.

Mrs. Gunner: That’s good. Are the police investigating yet, or have those lazy, good-for-nothing-

Jayson: Yes, the police are here! They’re totally useless, though.

Mrs. Gunner: I’m sorry, young man, I do believe I was speaking to Meema.

Meema: It’s fine, mum, that’s Jayson.

Mrs. Gunner: Pleasure, I’m sure.

Jayson frowned at Meema’s mother’s coldness, and he gave Meema a pat on the shoulder as he left.

Jayson: It’s getting late, I’ll meet you at dinner.

Mrs. Gunner: Well, Meema, he sure is cute.

Meema: What?

Mrs. Gunner: Anything special going on with that boy?

Meema: Huh? No! No, no, he has a girlfriend, see…

Mrs. Gunner: Pity. Now, Meema, why don’t you tell me the whole story. What happened?


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  1. This story is so good! But I can’t believe her dad is dead :O Didn’t see that one coming at all..

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