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Jayson had been shaking all day. He was glad that Olivia hadn’t noticed his hands quivering or his heavy breathing… and it definitely wasn’t her skimpy little outfit turning him on. It was Meema, the most beautiful girl to ever set foot on the earth.

And now, they were asleep, and he could have whatever he wanted from her.

Jayson: Meema, sweetie, what room is this?

Meema: It’s my bedroom at home.

Jayson: You are rich, right?

Meema: Of course, silly!

Jayson: It’s funny, because I’ve never heard of the Shayan family. My parents know almost everyone.

Meema: Can you keep a secret, Jayson?

Jayson: Of course I can, Meema. For you.

Meema: My real name is Meema Gunner… And my father is the principal.

Sierra: Oh, Eli, you are going DOWN!

Elijah: Don’t be silly… See, look, there you go!

Curt: Ouch, off the bridge, too!

Sierra: Oh, Eli, you will regret that…

Elijah: Actually, that was Curt that knocked you off.

Meema had never felt so uncomfortable around someone. Olivia was nowhere to be seen, probably off with the baby that Jayson didn’t know about, so Meema had decided that it was acceptable to sit beside Jayson. He wouldn’t look at her, though. He was busy watching the others play their games. Meema wasn’t too sure about looking at him, either, because she kept getting an irresistible urge to kiss him.

Jayson: Go Curt!

Curt: I knew I wasn’t hated!

Meema shivered as she heard Jayson speak. His voice… that same voice that murmured in her ear how much he loved her, and how beautiful and special she was…

Olivia: Hey, hey, guys, everyone, I have an ANNOUNCEMENT!

Meema rolled her eyes, but looked up anyways. She and Olivia didn’t get along, but Olivia wouldn’t be smiling like that if it wasn’t important. Besides, if Meema wasn’t meant to hear, Olivia would have shooed her away.

Olivia: As you all know, my birthday is tomorrow. To celebrate, I’m having a sleepover party tonight!

Sierra: Again? Really? Don’t you remember what happened last year?

Olivia: Well, yeah…

Meema: What happened last year?

Sierra: She held it here in the common room. And Principal Gunner found us. And we were all in so much trouble.

Olivia: Except me.

Sierra: Yes, except Olivia, because Principal Gunner absolutely adores her.

Olivia: But here’s the thing. This year, we won’t be caught, because I’m holding it in the house on the hill.

An uncomfortable silence filled the room, and Meema wondered why nobody was talking.

Meema: Do they not use the house on the hill?

Sierra: Principal Gunner says we’re forbidden from going there because there have been some problems.

Jayson: It’s also in really bad condition, Meema. It could fall down around us at any second.

Curt: And it’s ugly inside. I can’t go, Olivia, I’m staying at Luke’s house tonight.

Elijah: I’ll go if Sierra will go.

Sierra: Elijah needs me to protect him. I’ll go, though.

Olivia: Yay! Meema? How about you?

Meema: You need to confirm whether or not I want to come, but it’s assumed that Jayson is coming?

Olivia: Pretty much.

Meema: Fine, I’ll go.

Olivia: Great!

Sierra: Wait, wait, I thought you hated Meema?

Olivia: I don’t hate her, silly!

Olivia patted Sierra on the head as she left. Meema stared after her, a little confused about what had just happened.

Meema: What did I just agree to?

Jayson: You’re going to my girlfriend’s birthday party.

Meema: Dear lord…

Jayson: And knowing her, she’ll bring in one bed and two couches, three if you’re lucky.

Meema: Couches?

Jayson: Well, yeah. She gets the bed, she assumes I’m sleeping with her, and you each get a couch to sleep on. Or she brings in two couches and assumes that the twins will be fine with sharing.

Sierra: I WIN! And no, Jayson, that is not happening. I will not share even so much as a couch with my psycho brother.

Meema snickered as Sierra and the guys began getting ready to leave, probably to snack and talk about her victory.

Meema: You’re sharing a couch with him now.


Jayson: Hey, Meema, we’re alone.

Meema: So?

Jayson: So, miss Shayan…

Meema: Don’t call me that.

Jayson: Why, is that not your real name?

Meema: Jayson, I think you already know the answer to that.

Jayson: Then why are you pretending to be someone you’re not?

Meema: Because my daddy told me to. He doesn’t want people to pretend to like me simply because I’m the principal’s daughter. He wants people to like me for who I am, which is totally ridiculous.

Jayson: I like you for who you are.

Meema: You like me because I came to you in a dream.

Jayson: Curt likes you for who you are.

Meema: Curt likes everyone.

Jayson: The twins like you for who you are.

Meema: They like me because I’m nicer than your girlfriend.

Jayson: That’s because that’s who you are.

Meema: You are really sweet, Jayson.

Jayson: I’ll just be across the room tonight. Oh, and by the way, Meema…

Meema: Yeah?

Jayson: In the house on the hill, there’s a door that leads to the bathroom… The door on the left is the bathroom door. Don’t go through the door on the right.

And with that, Jayson stood and left a puzzled Meema alone in the living room.


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