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Hey there, everyone! As you all know, it’s Christmas Eve! Unless, of course, you live in Australia, or someplace in the future where it’s actually Christmas Day… In which case, happy holidays nonetheless!

We’re having a blast at Gunner Academy, celebrating this special time of year. As an early Christmas present, all the characters have received absolutely stunning red and green themed outfits for Christmas. Wanna see what we’ve been up to? Here’s a look!

Elijah questioned the formality and girliness of Sierra’s new dress, but he figured that it was best not to ask… Sierra, meanwhile, figured it best not to question the mismatching hair and clothing. After all, her hair matched her outfit.

Meema sat and dreamed about, well, Jayson, when she should have been posing properly for pictures (all photo credit goes to the lovely Miss Crawley. We’re very fortunate that, while she doesn’t celebrate Christmas [she’s muslim], she was willing to take some lovely pictures for us.)

Jayson spent some time making sure that the lovely Olivia had the attention she needed… After all, Olivia is the type to stage something dramatic just for attention. Even if she can’t see all her admirers…

Curt goofed off, mocking Olivia‘s glamour… Though it seems to me that he looks better than she did…

…doing exactly the same post!

I knew there was a reason we loved the twins. (I love that picture of Sierra, she looks amazing)

Olivia and Jayson found the mistletoe…

Meema showed off her beautiful new dress… That one is definitely a keeper.

Jayson finally got some time to breathe…

And once everyone else was gone, Olivia brought out little Tiara for some pictures.


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  1. Awesomeness

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