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The kiss lasted for about a minute before Jayson pulled back. Meema’s slanted eyes were huge.

Meema: Jayson, why did you do that?

Jayson: Meema, I dream about you every night. I dream of holding you and kissing you, and I dream of you just being mine…

Meema: I have the same dreams.

Jayson: …And I even dreamt of you before you came here… Wait, what?

Meema: Jayson, I dream about you, too. I’ve been dreaming about you for months.

Jayson: Meema, maybe we’re meant to be together.

Meema: But Jayson, you’re with Olivia.

Jayson: I could leave her to be with you.

Meema: You said… in my last dream… that it was difficult.

Jayson: I know, and it is, and leaving her will be difficult for both of us, and we may have some problems afterwards. But hey, if we’re quiet, Olivia won’t know we’re there.

Meema: What do you mean?

Jayson: Just… just never mind.

Meema held herself  close to him, never wanting the moment to end. Finally, he pulled back and sighed.

Jayson: Olivia has so many problems, I don’t really want to hurt her on top of what all else there is.

Meema: What else is there? She seems to be living the dream to me.

Jayson: Olivia… Well, firstly, there’s her blindness. Then–

Meema: Olivia is blind?!?!?!?!?!?

Jayson: Yeah. Why else would she wear those huge sunglasses all the time?

Meema: …To make a fashion statement.

Jayson: She hasn’t felt well in months, and she’s spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals. She’s blind, her mom just passed away, and she’s so strong. She says she only stays strong for me. If I left her…

Meema: She’d break. She’d fall apart.

Jayson: Exactly.

Meema pulled back from the hug and took a step away.

Meema: Then you stay with Olivia, just like you need to, and we’ll keep seeing one another in our dreams.

Jayson: Meema, wait.

Meema had turned on her heel and begun to walk away. She sighed, stopping as she heard his words.

Meema: What?

Jayson: I will leave her, I promise. Maybe not now, maybe not right away. Not today, not this week, maybe not even this school year. But I promise you, Meema, one day we’ll be together.

Meema: Get married?

Jayson: Get married, have children just as beautiful as you, live a long and happy life together. I promise that will happen.

Meema: Until then, you’re not allowed to hug me, kiss me, cuddle me, or talk to me in even the slightest romantic way in public.

Jayson: What about in our dreams?

Meema: Do whatever the hell you want in our dreams.

Meema gave him a smile and a wave, and then she headed to the dorm cabin, changing into her pajamas and relaxing in bed, wondering if maybe, just maybe, she could dream her beautiful dreams when Jayson was still awake.


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