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Meema stared at her cabin-like dorm. Something had been confusing her all day, everytime she walked past, and she wasn’t quite sure what it was… But now she realized that it was the doors.

Once you were inside, you would see that there was only one door… But there was a little side door. What was that part of the building? Was it some sort of storage shed? A secret? Meema’s natural curiosity was taking over, she had to know.

The room was completely empty, except for some stairs that led down. Obviously…

As Meema cautiously stepped down the stairs, she became surrounded by pink and white wallpaper. It was blindingly bright, and it looked like something Olivia would put up – but Olivia slept in the main cabin with everyone else…

Meema: Oh my god! What’s a little sweetheart like you doing all alone down here? Stuck in your crib, too? How are you supposed to play with all your lovely toys?

The room was very well colour-coordinated, like Curt’s outfits. The walls and floor were pink and white and polka-dotted. The crib was pink, the high chair was pink, the potty was pink… Toys lay strewn all across the floor. There was even a pink rocking horse in the corner! Sitting all alone in the crib was a beautiful little baby.

Meema lifted the child from her crib and rocked her back and forth.

Meema: Aw, why are you all alone, sweetheart?

Meema’s heart was racing. Why was there a secret room built off the girls’ dorm, and why did it house a baby? Did anyone know about the baby?

???: Didn’t your rich mummy and daddy ever teach you not to touch things that don’t belong to you?

Meema spun around, holding the baby close, and her eyes grew wide.

Olivia: Well, Meema? What are you doing down here?

Meema: I’m sorry, Olivia… I was just wondering what this place was, and-

Olivia: Well, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay out of here! Principal Gunner had this nursery built specially for my little muffin, underground, so nobody would be able to find her! Now give me back by cupcake and get out!

Meema: Okay, Olivia.

Meema handed her the baby and as she started to leave, she stopped and turned back.

Meema: Olivia?

Olivia: Yeah?

Meema: Who’s the dad?

Olivia: Who do you think it is?

That was all Meema needed to hear.

Meema: You know, I came here to be alone.

Jayson: I kinda guessed that, but I wanted to talk to you… Do you know where Olivia is?

Meema felt her heart drop. He only wanted to talk to her to ask if she knew where his girlfriend was?

Meema: Yeah, she’s in our dorm room.

Jayson: No, she isn’t. I already checked there.

Meema: Well, then, if you don’t know, I can’t tell you.

Jayson: Meema, that doesn’t even make sense.

Jayson began to shy away, and Meema frowned. She leaned closer to him.

Meema: What’s wrong, Jayson?

Jayson: *sigh* I’m just really confused, Meema.

Meema: Maybe I can help. What’s confusing you?

Jayson: Don’t slap me.

Meema: I won’t.

Jayson: You are.

Meema: So… it happens to you too?

Jayson: What happens?

Meema: The dreams!

Jayson simply stared at her, his eyes growing wide, and Meema wondered whether or not she should have said that.


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