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Meema: But Jayson, you’re with Olivia.

Jayson: Do you think I want to be with Olivia? I’d rather be with you.

Meema: Then why don’t you leave her?

Jayson: Because it’s not that simple…

Crawley: It’s good to see everyone here. I hope you’re all rested and ready for your classes.

Meema: Miss Crawley, where is Principal Gunner?

Crawley: Well, Meema, I’m not entirely sure where he is right now, just that he’s asked me to take care of his dorm for him. So if you need anything, come to me and I’ll get you sorted out.

An uneasy feeling washed over the students, though not one of them could explain it. Something felt wrong. They didn’t know if something was wrong between them, with the house, or with Miss Crawley, but something wasn’t right in the rich kids’ dorm.

Meema glanced across the table at Jayson, and she jumped a little when their eyes met. They still hadn’t spoken, not in person, and she wondered whether or not he, too, had the dreams…

Jayson sighed, sitting alone on the loveseat. Classes were done for the day. Olivia was nowhere to be found. Elijah and Curt were too wrapped up in their video games to speak to Jayson. He wanted to find Meema, but what if she didn’t want to talk to him? He’d had the dream again that night, but he and Meema didn’t share a single kiss. They simply tried to talk things out, and now he felt like she was avoiding him.

He looked up, startled to see that Meema had sat down with Curt and Elijah. The two were no longer playing video games, but now talking about Miss Crawley. He couldn’t go talk to Meema with them there. He gazed towards her and their eyes met for a brief second, before she turned to gaze out the window.

Meema: Curt, what’s that?

Curt: The fountain? It’s the, uh, Jet de Tylers, I think they called it. Olivia’s family paid for it, since Olivia was complaining that there wasn’t anything pretty around the campus.

Meema: Oh… It looks like a nice place to sit and think.

Meema stood from where she saw, walking away. On her way out, she passed Olivia, who gave her a scowl before heading to where Jayson sat.

Olivia: Jayson, baby, how’s my muffin?

Jayson sighed, wrapping his arm around his girlfriend and gazing towards the fountain, where Meema now stood. If he went to see her now, Olivia would see out the window, so he would just have to wait for an opportunity later…


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