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Meema: So daddy, remind me again why I can’t tell anyone that I’m your daughter?

Gunner: Because, baby, I want people to like you for who you are and not for who your father is, or how much money you have.

Meema: Okay, daddy… But nobody will…

Gunner: Don’t be silly, you’re an amazing girl and I am so proud of you.

Gunner wrapped his arms around his little girl and held her tightly. He was so happy to see his angel going to the Gunner Academy, and he knew that everyone would love her.

Gunner: Your dorm is on the top floor –

Meema: Where the rich kids go??

Gunner: Yes, princess, where the rich kids go. I’ll have someone take your bags up, and you can head into the common room to meet some of the other kids. Your timetables have already been delivered to your rooms.

Meema: Thanks, dad- er, Mr. Gunner…

Gunner: All the kids just call me Gunner, you can do the same.

Meema: No, it’s just not right, because I’m Gunner.

Gunner: Not anymore. Your room is reserved under the name of Meema Shayan, since it’s your mother’s maiden name. That’s what you’ll go by while you’re here, so people won’t know you’re a Gunner.

Meema: Wow, daddy, identity-protective much?

Gunner: If you make some close friends, you can tell them the truth, but only close friends.

Meema gave her dad one last, tight hug before turning and heading into the school.

Meema didn’t take the time to look around as she entered. She saw two guys sitting on the couch, completely absorbed by their game. As she looked towards the screen, she realized that they were playing Brain Chase, her favourite game – it wasn’t quite as nerdy as it sounded. There was lots of driving to be done, and that took up more of the game than the actual mind problems. She stood and watched for a minute, cheering for them, before deciding to introduce herself.

Meema: Hey there, I’m Meema – er, Shayan. I’m new here.

One of the boys looked up. He had bright blue streaks through his dark hair, black eyeliner and light brown skin.

Elijah: Hey there, cutie. My name is Elijah. I’m a second-year. My buddy here is new, too, and he still hasn’t told me his name…

???: Too… busy… later…

Elijah: Yeah…

Meema laughed as she looked at the two. The other guy wore a bright purple shirt and grey jeans, with a grey hat on for accent. Meema admired his sense of fashion, and held back a smirk as she wondered who he would be more interested in – her, or Elijah…

And then, as she glanced towards the other side of the room, there they were.

Meema tried not to stare, but she knew her eyes were growing wide. Was that who she thought it was? Her mind flashed back to the beautiful dreams that filled her mind at night.







Meema… I love you…

She heard his voice whisper in her mind. Sure enough, there he was. From his hair to his shirt to the tattoos on his arms, it was Jayson, the boy of her dreams.


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