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Jayson: Oh, Meema… You’re so beautiful, you know that?

I smiled as I heard his words in my ear. I just couldn’t believe that someone as amazing as him could love someone as dull as me.

Meema: Jayson, you’re so sweet…

Jayson: Of course, Meema… Because I love you.

My heart skipped a beat as I heard him murmur those three words. They had so much power, he had no idea how much it meant to me…

Meema: Jayson, oh Jayson! I love you, too!

My life felt complete, like I had my other half there with me. Jayson was my other half.

Jayson: Meema, I swear, you’re the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me…

It felt so natural, being with Jayson. Speaking to him, we sounded like the characters off a lame romantic movie, but I didn’t care anymore. All that mattered now was Jayson. Being in his arms, I felt alright, and looking in his eyes, I saw the other half of my soul…

Jayson leaned in to kiss me. As he pulled back, he blushed ever so slightly, glancing away. I laughed softly and gave him a reassuring smile.

Meema: Don’t worry, Jayson. I liked that.

I couldn’t believe what I was saying. If my daddy found out, he would be furious. He didn’t want his sweet little Meema to ever so much as speak to a boy, let alone have one in her bed – but I did, and I loved it, and my daddy could go to hell for all I cared.

Meema: Kiss me, Jayson…

He was suddenly holding me down and kissing me, and I loved it. I held on tightly to him, rubbing his back slightly and kissing back passionately. I couldn’t really mention that I wanted more. If it was meant to happen, it would happen on it’s own, and until then, I would have to just be happy with those fiery kisses…

Meema jumped, startled, as she awoke with a shock. She sat bolt upright, her breathing heavy. She gently placed her hand over her heart and looked around. She was in her room…alone. Jayson wasn’t there. He never would be, either, because he didn’t really exist.

She sighed sadly, hanging her head a bit as she realized that it had all just been a dream… just like always, Meema Gunner had fallen for the boy in her head.


Meema sat there for a minute, wishing she hadn’t fallen so in love with him. There was nothing she could do now, though.

Sudden excitement filled her as she realized that it was her first morning at the Gunner Academy. Her stuff was all packed in a corner of her room, and her daddy was coming to drive her there. Her daddy, Mr. Gunner, was the principal of her new sleepaway school, and she was finally old enough to attend. Her father had promised her that he had arranged for her to room with two of his best, favourite students – Olivia Tylers and another girl, one whose name Meema forgot.

Gunner: Meema!

Meema: Daddy!

Meema squealed as she heard her father’s voice. She quickly flicked on her lights and jumped out of bed, rushing to give him a hug.

Meema: Daddy, I’m so excited!

Gunner: I know, honey, but remember, once you’re a student of the Gunner Academy, you have to call me Mr. Gunner – unless, of course, ‘Sir’ works better for you.

Meema’s father gave her a grin, and she couldn’t help but giggle.

Meema: But you’ll still call me baby.

Gunner: Of course I will, Meema, you’re my little baby girl. God, you’re growing up so fast. It seems like just yesterday, you were the tiniest little baby I’d ever seen, the sweetest and most beautiful thing that could possibly exist…

Meema: Daddy, don’t get so mushy!







Gunner: But baby girl, it’s true.

Meema: Okay, daddy, I guess it’s fine…

Gunner: Honey, just look at yourself now. You’re the most beautiful young woman I’ve ever seen, and I am so proud to call you my daughter.

Meema: Aww. Thank you, daddy!

Meema’s father helped her carry her bags outside while she quickly changed into some clothes. She didn’t dress too nicely, figuring she’d have time to get changed when she got there. Who would arrive at school before the principal?


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  1. Wow this deserves more credit. It’s very nice and beautifully written!

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