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So, darlings, we have a slight problem here at the Gunner Academy.

No, our problem isn’t that Meema’s father is dead. It isn’t that Luke’s parents are coming to town and he needs to act professional and hide Curt, and it isn’t that Mummy Shayan is at the Academy (though you must admit, that is pretty scary…)

Nope, our problem is that my computer died. How am I writing this, you may ask? I’m on my mother’s computer.

Obviously, this is a problem. Why? Of course, because all my darling G.A. angels are on the dead computer, as well as all my pictures and my games. My daddy is trying to save them for me and to fix my computer, but until then, I’ve downloaded the Sims base game to my brother’s computer. Obviously, I can’t move my stuff to that computer and continue with ADM, and I’m not allowed to use CC on my brother’s computer (his rule, my dad said I could though…)

Until my computer is sorted out and Meema&co. are rescued from inside, I’m working on another story elsewhere. If you’re interested in reading this story (the plot of which I think is actually much more fascinating than this plot…), the website is linked below, as well as the links to the chapters that have been published thus far.

I love you guys very much (if anyone is actually reading this), and please try to bear with me until my Simmies are saved!

Prologue –
Chapter 1 –
Chapter 2 –
Chapter 3 –


Officer: Tell me again, are you certain that’s what you saw?

Jayson: Officer, how many times do I hav to tell you what I saw? Meema can back me up, too, she’s just inside.

Officer: No, no, I’d just like to hear your side first, with neither influence nor intervention from Miss Shayan.

Jayson: Actually, her name is Gunner. Meema Gunner.

Officer: Why is it written on the school records that she goes by Meema Shayan?

Jayson: It’s a long story.

Officer: I have time.

Jayson: Well, her dad is Principal Gunner, from our school –

Officer: The same one you’re claiming to have seen dead?

Jayson: If you don’t believe me, why don’t you go look in there yourself? I’ll show you where it is, if you want.

Officer: Don’t worry, there’s some officers already in there examining things. Just tell me the rest of your story.

Jayson: Fine. Principal Gunner wanted Meema’s experience here to be normal, so he asked her to go by her mother’s maiden name. That way, she wouldn’t get any special treatment or favouritism from the others here.

Officer: And how’s that working out for her?

Jayson: Wonderful, she’s already made an enemy of my girlfriend.

Officer: And why is that?

Jayson: Because my girlfriend is a rude, obnoxious, catty, self-centered, egoistic, cocky, arrogant, careless-

Officer: I get it, I get it.

Jayson: Okay.

Officer: So explain again what happened.

Jayson: UGH! Meema and I were at my girlfriend’s birthday party. Everyone was asleep-

Officer: It was a sleepover, correct?

Jayson: Considering how everyone was asleep, I think you may be right. Meema got up, I guess to go to the bathroom or something, and then she woke me up by screaming.

Officer: How far from you was she?

Jayson: The distance between the bed and the room where all the dead people are.

Officer: Approximately how far is that?

Jayson: Do you expect me to have measured? I was more interested in getting out of there.

Officer: Fair enough.

Jayson: So I went, and comforted Meema-

Officer: Are you and Meema fairly close?

Jayson: You could say that.

Meema: Hello there, officer.

Officer: Hello, miss Gunner.

Meema: Excuse me? I’m sorry, it’s Shayan. Meema Shayan.

Jayson: I explained the circumstances to her, I don’t think she’ll tell anyone. Don’t worry, Meema.

Meema: Oh…

Officer: Jayson, if you could leave for a while so that I may talk to miss Gunner alone?

Jayson: Whatever. Have fun with her, Meema.

Officer: So, Meema, tell me your side of the story.

Meema sighed in frustration, having already explained to the Officer what had happened, before Jayson had been called out for his explanation.

No sooner had she finished and gone inside than a familiar car pulled up. Sleek and black, shining in the sunlight, Jayson whistled slightly.

Jayson: Is that your mom’s car?

Mrs. Gunner: Meema?

Meema: Mum!

Meema jumped up from the couch and ran to hug her mother. She felt the stiffness and coldness of her mother’s arms, and she sighed to herself.

Mrs. Gunner: How are you doing, Meema?

Meema: Good, mum, I’m just fine.

Mrs. Gunner: That’s good. Are the police investigating yet, or have those lazy, good-for-nothing-

Jayson: Yes, the police are here! They’re totally useless, though.

Mrs. Gunner: I’m sorry, young man, I do believe I was speaking to Meema.

Meema: It’s fine, mum, that’s Jayson.

Mrs. Gunner: Pleasure, I’m sure.

Jayson frowned at Meema’s mother’s coldness, and he gave Meema a pat on the shoulder as he left.

Jayson: It’s getting late, I’ll meet you at dinner.

Mrs. Gunner: Well, Meema, he sure is cute.

Meema: What?

Mrs. Gunner: Anything special going on with that boy?

Meema: Huh? No! No, no, he has a girlfriend, see…

Mrs. Gunner: Pity. Now, Meema, why don’t you tell me the whole story. What happened?

Jayson: Yes, sir, that would be good… Meema and I can meet you out front when you arrive. What? No, no, ambulances and firetrucks? We don’t need them, the man was obviously quite dead.

Meema began to cry.

Jayson: Sorry, sorry… Yes, sir, I did. Alright, I’ll see you soon then. Thank you. Yes, goodbye.

Jayson hung up the phone and hugged Meema gently.

Jayson: Don’t worry, Meema. We’re gonna be alright.

Meema nodded and took the phone from him, taking a deep breath as she dialed the phone number.

Meema: Mummy? Mum, it’s me, Meema… Um, I guess I’m okay. I just had to tell you something… Um… Daddy is dead.

Meema burst out sobbing as she said the words, and Jayson heard the voice over the phone, yelling loudly as Meema sobbed.

Meema: I know, mummy. I don’t know how or why or what happened, me and Jayson called the police… Yes, mummy, that Jayson. No, no we’re not. Really? Okay. I’ll see you later, then. Bye. I love you too, mum.

Meema hung up her phone, letting out silent sobs and covering her face with her hands. Jayson walked forward and wrapped his arms around her.

Jayson: I know, I know. It’ll be tough, but I promise you, Meema, everything is going to turn out alright.

Meema: How do you know what to say?

Jayson: Olivia’s mum recently passed away, so I’ve spent a lot of time comforting her. I’ve figured out what to say.

Meema: But I bet Mrs Tylers wasn’t murdered.

Jayson: …True.

Meema: Jayson, did someone kill my dad?

Jayson: I don’t know, Meema. But don’t worry, the police will figure out what happened. They’re good at that.

Meema: My mom is coming here, she’ll be here in a few hours because she said she would leave right away.

Jayson: How long does it take her to pack??

Meema: Not long, she seems to think it acceptable to just borrow my clothes.

Olivia: You guys, I’m so glad you all came! I prettied this place up so it wouldn’t be as scary, and if you can’t last the night, you’ll be uncool forever!

Meema rolled her eyes as she heard Olivia’s words. As long as Jayson was there, she could stay. People like Sierra and Elijah certainly helped, too.

The place was pretty creepy. It was old and rotted, with dark, disgusting wood floors and walls. Pink decorations and furniture filled the place, and only two lights hung from the ceiling, swinging precariously. Olivia had put on an old, lame horror movie for them to watch, and it was obvious to Meema that Jayson was trying hard not to laugh. There were several bottles of strong alcohol sitting on the table, a few of which had already been emptied by the cheerful Olivia.

Elijah and Sierra seemed to have no interest in the movie, so Sierra chatted with Olivia most of the night. Meema was a little confused, but it seemed that Olivia’s birthday brought everyone together. Or perhaps the alcohol. Or it was just the creepiness of the house on the hill.

The movie only lasted a few hours, and almost immediately after, they dubbed it bedtime.

Olivia: Now, everybody. Just so you know, that door there leads to the hall. The first door on your left –

Jayson: The only door on your left

Olivia: – leads to the bathroom. Don’t go through the door on the right.

Meema raised one eyebrow as she heard Olivia’s warning. First Jayson, now Olivia? What was it about the door on the right that even a drunken Olivia had the brains to warn people about it? It didn’t matter. Jayson reached to turn the lights off, and they all went to bed.

There were two loveseats and one full-sized couch. Meema slept on the couch, while the twins each took a smaller loveseat. True to his suspicion, Jayson and Olivia slept in a large, fit-for-a-queen bed. Meema hated the idea of sleeping in the same room where Olivia was probably all snuggled up to Jayson, assuming that he would protect her, but she didn’t have much of a choice now.

* * *

Everyone was sound asleep. Everyone, that is, except Meema. For some reason, she just couldn’t sleep. Jayson’s and Olivia’s warnings rang in her ears, and just like the time she investigated the basement under the girls’ dorm, she had to know.

She stood up and very cautiously walked past Jayson’s bed. Between the darkness and the blurred forms before her, since she wasn’t wearing her glasses, Meema couldn’t make out Jayson’s features, but she figured it best. She opened the door, which opened with a dramatic creak. Meema closed her eyes and tried to stay silent, hoping that it wouldn’t wake any of the others. Nobody stirred, so Meema continued through the hall.

It was a narrow hallway, with a door immediately on the left and a door on the right at the end of the hall. She walked over and reached for the doorknob, assuming it would be difficult to pry open. But no, it turned with ease, and the door swung open.

Meema’s eyes grew wide as she looked around, and she let out a scream of terror.

She wasn’t sure what to do. Did she run and get the others? Did she leave quietly and try to pretend she hadn’t seen it? How could she, you can’t un-see things like that. Did she run out of the house and get Miss Crawley? No, because Miss Crawley would be mad at them for going in the house on the hill, and she might discover the alcohol. They would all be in trouble. No, she had to keep this quiet. The others would be mad at her, especially since Olivia and Jayson had both warned her not to go into the room. But all the skeletons on the floor, some old and some new, some still with flesh on their bodies… And the one body that lay in the corner, one that had barely begun to decay, would haunt Meema Gunner forever.

Jayson: Meema? Are you okay?

Meema: Jayson, Jayson, look! Don’t look! Oh my god, Jayson, it’s so horrible! Did you know about it already?

Jayson: Olivia and I explored this place already, trying to make sure it was safe for the party. We couldn’t lock the door, so we just warned you guys not to come here. We don’t know who any of these are, or what we should do about them. We can’t call the police in, since we’ll get in trouble with the teachers and your father for coming in here.

Meema: My daddy can’t get mad at you…

Meema pointed across the room at the limp body that lay in the corner. Jayson looked over and his eyes grew wide.

Jayson: Oh god…

He wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly, knowing she needed it.

Meema: Jayson, who would kill my daddy?

Jayson: I don’t know, Meema, but in the morning, we’ll call the police and they’ll get to the bottom of this, I promise.

Meema: Jayson, don’t leave me alone…

Jayson: Of course not, Meema. Never.

Meema could barely sleep for the rest of the night. While everyone else was out cold, sound asleep, Meema tossed and turned on the couch, too scared to sleep.

Jayson had no trouble sleeping, since he already knew about the body bin at the end of the hall, but seeing Meema’s father there, dead, made him uncomfortable. While he could of, he refused to go to sleep, for Meema’s sake. Every half an hour or so, he would hear Meema whimper his name, and he simply whispered that he was still awake, and she would silence again.

Jayson had been shaking all day. He was glad that Olivia hadn’t noticed his hands quivering or his heavy breathing… and it definitely wasn’t her skimpy little outfit turning him on. It was Meema, the most beautiful girl to ever set foot on the earth.

And now, they were asleep, and he could have whatever he wanted from her.

Jayson: Meema, sweetie, what room is this?

Meema: It’s my bedroom at home.

Jayson: You are rich, right?

Meema: Of course, silly!

Jayson: It’s funny, because I’ve never heard of the Shayan family. My parents know almost everyone.

Meema: Can you keep a secret, Jayson?

Jayson: Of course I can, Meema. For you.

Meema: My real name is Meema Gunner… And my father is the principal.

Sierra: Oh, Eli, you are going DOWN!

Elijah: Don’t be silly… See, look, there you go!

Curt: Ouch, off the bridge, too!

Sierra: Oh, Eli, you will regret that…

Elijah: Actually, that was Curt that knocked you off.

Meema had never felt so uncomfortable around someone. Olivia was nowhere to be seen, probably off with the baby that Jayson didn’t know about, so Meema had decided that it was acceptable to sit beside Jayson. He wouldn’t look at her, though. He was busy watching the others play their games. Meema wasn’t too sure about looking at him, either, because she kept getting an irresistible urge to kiss him.

Jayson: Go Curt!

Curt: I knew I wasn’t hated!

Meema shivered as she heard Jayson speak. His voice… that same voice that murmured in her ear how much he loved her, and how beautiful and special she was…

Olivia: Hey, hey, guys, everyone, I have an ANNOUNCEMENT!

Meema rolled her eyes, but looked up anyways. She and Olivia didn’t get along, but Olivia wouldn’t be smiling like that if it wasn’t important. Besides, if Meema wasn’t meant to hear, Olivia would have shooed her away.

Olivia: As you all know, my birthday is tomorrow. To celebrate, I’m having a sleepover party tonight!

Sierra: Again? Really? Don’t you remember what happened last year?

Olivia: Well, yeah…

Meema: What happened last year?

Sierra: She held it here in the common room. And Principal Gunner found us. And we were all in so much trouble.

Olivia: Except me.

Sierra: Yes, except Olivia, because Principal Gunner absolutely adores her.

Olivia: But here’s the thing. This year, we won’t be caught, because I’m holding it in the house on the hill.

An uncomfortable silence filled the room, and Meema wondered why nobody was talking.

Meema: Do they not use the house on the hill?

Sierra: Principal Gunner says we’re forbidden from going there because there have been some problems.

Jayson: It’s also in really bad condition, Meema. It could fall down around us at any second.

Curt: And it’s ugly inside. I can’t go, Olivia, I’m staying at Luke’s house tonight.

Elijah: I’ll go if Sierra will go.

Sierra: Elijah needs me to protect him. I’ll go, though.

Olivia: Yay! Meema? How about you?

Meema: You need to confirm whether or not I want to come, but it’s assumed that Jayson is coming?

Olivia: Pretty much.

Meema: Fine, I’ll go.

Olivia: Great!

Sierra: Wait, wait, I thought you hated Meema?

Olivia: I don’t hate her, silly!

Olivia patted Sierra on the head as she left. Meema stared after her, a little confused about what had just happened.

Meema: What did I just agree to?

Jayson: You’re going to my girlfriend’s birthday party.

Meema: Dear lord…

Jayson: And knowing her, she’ll bring in one bed and two couches, three if you’re lucky.

Meema: Couches?

Jayson: Well, yeah. She gets the bed, she assumes I’m sleeping with her, and you each get a couch to sleep on. Or she brings in two couches and assumes that the twins will be fine with sharing.

Sierra: I WIN! And no, Jayson, that is not happening. I will not share even so much as a couch with my psycho brother.

Meema snickered as Sierra and the guys began getting ready to leave, probably to snack and talk about her victory.

Meema: You’re sharing a couch with him now.


Jayson: Hey, Meema, we’re alone.

Meema: So?

Jayson: So, miss Shayan…

Meema: Don’t call me that.

Jayson: Why, is that not your real name?

Meema: Jayson, I think you already know the answer to that.

Jayson: Then why are you pretending to be someone you’re not?

Meema: Because my daddy told me to. He doesn’t want people to pretend to like me simply because I’m the principal’s daughter. He wants people to like me for who I am, which is totally ridiculous.

Jayson: I like you for who you are.

Meema: You like me because I came to you in a dream.

Jayson: Curt likes you for who you are.

Meema: Curt likes everyone.

Jayson: The twins like you for who you are.

Meema: They like me because I’m nicer than your girlfriend.

Jayson: That’s because that’s who you are.

Meema: You are really sweet, Jayson.

Jayson: I’ll just be across the room tonight. Oh, and by the way, Meema…

Meema: Yeah?

Jayson: In the house on the hill, there’s a door that leads to the bathroom… The door on the left is the bathroom door. Don’t go through the door on the right.

And with that, Jayson stood and left a puzzled Meema alone in the living room.

Hey there, everyone! As you all know, it’s Christmas Eve! Unless, of course, you live in Australia, or someplace in the future where it’s actually Christmas Day… In which case, happy holidays nonetheless!

We’re having a blast at Gunner Academy, celebrating this special time of year. As an early Christmas present, all the characters have received absolutely stunning red and green themed outfits for Christmas. Wanna see what we’ve been up to? Here’s a look!

Elijah questioned the formality and girliness of Sierra’s new dress, but he figured that it was best not to ask… Sierra, meanwhile, figured it best not to question the mismatching hair and clothing. After all, her hair matched her outfit.

Meema sat and dreamed about, well, Jayson, when she should have been posing properly for pictures (all photo credit goes to the lovely Miss Crawley. We’re very fortunate that, while she doesn’t celebrate Christmas [she’s muslim], she was willing to take some lovely pictures for us.)

Jayson spent some time making sure that the lovely Olivia had the attention she needed… After all, Olivia is the type to stage something dramatic just for attention. Even if she can’t see all her admirers…

Curt goofed off, mocking Olivia‘s glamour… Though it seems to me that he looks better than she did…

…doing exactly the same post!

I knew there was a reason we loved the twins. (I love that picture of Sierra, she looks amazing)

Olivia and Jayson found the mistletoe…

Meema showed off her beautiful new dress… That one is definitely a keeper.

Jayson finally got some time to breathe…

And once everyone else was gone, Olivia brought out little Tiara for some pictures.

Curt: Baby, I love you.

Lucas: I love you, too.

Curt held Lucas’s tiny body close to him. Lucas was as skinny as a toothpick. Holding him always felt so awkward to Curt, but being with him felt so right.

Lucas: I’ve missed you. Why’d you have to go back to school?

Curt: Why wouldn’t I, baby? It’s what I need to do.


Lucas: We have enough money between us, Curt, why not just come here and live with me? We don’t even need jobs. We can live the best life imaginable, we could get married, we could raise a family…

Curt: But Lucas, my education is important to me. I don’t want to just survive off the money we have, I want a job.

Lucas: Curt, honey, why would you want a job? That’s just work.

Curt: Because some people enjoy their jobs and I know that I’ll be one of them someday.

Lucas leaned in close to Curt, their noses touching sensually. Curt moved to kiss him, but Lucas pulled back just enough that their lips didn’t meet.

Lucas: Curt, my dear, you never cease to amaze me.

And Lucas kissed Curt. Lucas loved being with Curt. He loved having Curt hold him, because he always felt so weak and vulnerable, and Curt made it all go away. Snuggling into Curt’s chest was like snuggling into a new feather mattress, comfortable and squishy and relaxing. Curt meant everything to Lucas.

Curt: Luke, could I stay here for the night?

Lucas: Sure thing, baby, what’s up?

Lucas took his lover’s hands and smiled, gazing into his eyes as he held his hands.

Curt: One of my roommates has been having trouble sleeping. I think he’s having bad dreams or something. He’s tossing and turning a lot, he makes lots of noise and he’s constantly mumbling things. I have no idea what he says, though.

Lucas: You know I hate when you pay attention to your roommates, especially that Elijah…

Curt: Don’t be silly, babe. You know I only have eyes for you.

Lucas: Elijah looks just like me. He’s tall and skinny and he even does his hair the same way I do.

Curt: Yeah, totally, baby. He looks just like you, aside from the fact that he’s black and you’re white. Oh, and his hair? I believe it’s black and blue, while yours is platinum blonde.

Curt ran a hand up the back of Luke’s neck, sending shivers down his spine.

Lucas: I guess you’re right… And Jayson’s still with that Olivia chick?

Curt: Yeah, of course.

Lucas: If I wasn’t gay, I’d try to steal her…

Curt: Don’t even talk like that, baby, you’re all mine!

Lucas: I know, I know. I’m only messing with you. You’re the only one I’d ever want.

And with that, their kisses began to burn on their lips again. Curt smiled, taking Lucas by the hands and walking with him to his bedroom.

Curt: I’ve always loved your room.

Lucas: Why?

Curt: Because, baby. At night when I close my eyes and think of you, this is where I know you are.

Lucas held Curt close to him and they kissed fiercely again. He felt Curt’s hands tug at his pink jacket, so he left him slip it off. Not long after, almost all their clothes had found their way to the floor and it was just the two of them, skin on skin.

Lucas: Curt, baby…

Curt: More?

Lucas: More…

The two soon lay together, utterly exhausted by the events that had just passed. They stared towards one another lovingly, not quite sure what to say now.

Curt: I have a new friend.

Lucas: I’ll make him cry.

Curt: Actually, it’s a girl.

Lucas: Oh. Can I meet her?

The kiss lasted for about a minute before Jayson pulled back. Meema’s slanted eyes were huge.

Meema: Jayson, why did you do that?

Jayson: Meema, I dream about you every night. I dream of holding you and kissing you, and I dream of you just being mine…

Meema: I have the same dreams.

Jayson: …And I even dreamt of you before you came here… Wait, what?

Meema: Jayson, I dream about you, too. I’ve been dreaming about you for months.

Jayson: Meema, maybe we’re meant to be together.

Meema: But Jayson, you’re with Olivia.

Jayson: I could leave her to be with you.

Meema: You said… in my last dream… that it was difficult.

Jayson: I know, and it is, and leaving her will be difficult for both of us, and we may have some problems afterwards. But hey, if we’re quiet, Olivia won’t know we’re there.

Meema: What do you mean?

Jayson: Just… just never mind.

Meema held herself  close to him, never wanting the moment to end. Finally, he pulled back and sighed.

Jayson: Olivia has so many problems, I don’t really want to hurt her on top of what all else there is.

Meema: What else is there? She seems to be living the dream to me.

Jayson: Olivia… Well, firstly, there’s her blindness. Then–

Meema: Olivia is blind?!?!?!?!?!?

Jayson: Yeah. Why else would she wear those huge sunglasses all the time?

Meema: …To make a fashion statement.

Jayson: She hasn’t felt well in months, and she’s spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals. She’s blind, her mom just passed away, and she’s so strong. She says she only stays strong for me. If I left her…

Meema: She’d break. She’d fall apart.

Jayson: Exactly.

Meema pulled back from the hug and took a step away.

Meema: Then you stay with Olivia, just like you need to, and we’ll keep seeing one another in our dreams.

Jayson: Meema, wait.

Meema had turned on her heel and begun to walk away. She sighed, stopping as she heard his words.

Meema: What?

Jayson: I will leave her, I promise. Maybe not now, maybe not right away. Not today, not this week, maybe not even this school year. But I promise you, Meema, one day we’ll be together.

Meema: Get married?

Jayson: Get married, have children just as beautiful as you, live a long and happy life together. I promise that will happen.

Meema: Until then, you’re not allowed to hug me, kiss me, cuddle me, or talk to me in even the slightest romantic way in public.

Jayson: What about in our dreams?

Meema: Do whatever the hell you want in our dreams.

Meema gave him a smile and a wave, and then she headed to the dorm cabin, changing into her pajamas and relaxing in bed, wondering if maybe, just maybe, she could dream her beautiful dreams when Jayson was still awake.

Meema stared at her cabin-like dorm. Something had been confusing her all day, everytime she walked past, and she wasn’t quite sure what it was… But now she realized that it was the doors.

Once you were inside, you would see that there was only one door… But there was a little side door. What was that part of the building? Was it some sort of storage shed? A secret? Meema’s natural curiosity was taking over, she had to know.

The room was completely empty, except for some stairs that led down. Obviously…

As Meema cautiously stepped down the stairs, she became surrounded by pink and white wallpaper. It was blindingly bright, and it looked like something Olivia would put up – but Olivia slept in the main cabin with everyone else…

Meema: Oh my god! What’s a little sweetheart like you doing all alone down here? Stuck in your crib, too? How are you supposed to play with all your lovely toys?

The room was very well colour-coordinated, like Curt’s outfits. The walls and floor were pink and white and polka-dotted. The crib was pink, the high chair was pink, the potty was pink… Toys lay strewn all across the floor. There was even a pink rocking horse in the corner! Sitting all alone in the crib was a beautiful little baby.

Meema lifted the child from her crib and rocked her back and forth.

Meema: Aw, why are you all alone, sweetheart?

Meema’s heart was racing. Why was there a secret room built off the girls’ dorm, and why did it house a baby? Did anyone know about the baby?

???: Didn’t your rich mummy and daddy ever teach you not to touch things that don’t belong to you?

Meema spun around, holding the baby close, and her eyes grew wide.

Olivia: Well, Meema? What are you doing down here?

Meema: I’m sorry, Olivia… I was just wondering what this place was, and-

Olivia: Well, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay out of here! Principal Gunner had this nursery built specially for my little muffin, underground, so nobody would be able to find her! Now give me back by cupcake and get out!

Meema: Okay, Olivia.

Meema handed her the baby and as she started to leave, she stopped and turned back.

Meema: Olivia?

Olivia: Yeah?

Meema: Who’s the dad?

Olivia: Who do you think it is?

That was all Meema needed to hear.

Meema: You know, I came here to be alone.

Jayson: I kinda guessed that, but I wanted to talk to you… Do you know where Olivia is?

Meema felt her heart drop. He only wanted to talk to her to ask if she knew where his girlfriend was?

Meema: Yeah, she’s in our dorm room.

Jayson: No, she isn’t. I already checked there.

Meema: Well, then, if you don’t know, I can’t tell you.

Jayson: Meema, that doesn’t even make sense.

Jayson began to shy away, and Meema frowned. She leaned closer to him.

Meema: What’s wrong, Jayson?

Jayson: *sigh* I’m just really confused, Meema.

Meema: Maybe I can help. What’s confusing you?

Jayson: Don’t slap me.

Meema: I won’t.

Jayson: You are.

Meema: So… it happens to you too?

Jayson: What happens?

Meema: The dreams!

Jayson simply stared at her, his eyes growing wide, and Meema wondered whether or not she should have said that.

Meema: But Jayson, you’re with Olivia.

Jayson: Do you think I want to be with Olivia? I’d rather be with you.

Meema: Then why don’t you leave her?

Jayson: Because it’s not that simple…

Crawley: It’s good to see everyone here. I hope you’re all rested and ready for your classes.

Meema: Miss Crawley, where is Principal Gunner?

Crawley: Well, Meema, I’m not entirely sure where he is right now, just that he’s asked me to take care of his dorm for him. So if you need anything, come to me and I’ll get you sorted out.

An uneasy feeling washed over the students, though not one of them could explain it. Something felt wrong. They didn’t know if something was wrong between them, with the house, or with Miss Crawley, but something wasn’t right in the rich kids’ dorm.

Meema glanced across the table at Jayson, and she jumped a little when their eyes met. They still hadn’t spoken, not in person, and she wondered whether or not he, too, had the dreams…

Jayson sighed, sitting alone on the loveseat. Classes were done for the day. Olivia was nowhere to be found. Elijah and Curt were too wrapped up in their video games to speak to Jayson. He wanted to find Meema, but what if she didn’t want to talk to him? He’d had the dream again that night, but he and Meema didn’t share a single kiss. They simply tried to talk things out, and now he felt like she was avoiding him.

He looked up, startled to see that Meema had sat down with Curt and Elijah. The two were no longer playing video games, but now talking about Miss Crawley. He couldn’t go talk to Meema with them there. He gazed towards her and their eyes met for a brief second, before she turned to gaze out the window.

Meema: Curt, what’s that?

Curt: The fountain? It’s the, uh, Jet de Tylers, I think they called it. Olivia’s family paid for it, since Olivia was complaining that there wasn’t anything pretty around the campus.

Meema: Oh… It looks like a nice place to sit and think.

Meema stood from where she saw, walking away. On her way out, she passed Olivia, who gave her a scowl before heading to where Jayson sat.

Olivia: Jayson, baby, how’s my muffin?

Jayson sighed, wrapping his arm around his girlfriend and gazing towards the fountain, where Meema now stood. If he went to see her now, Olivia would see out the window, so he would just have to wait for an opportunity later…